Selecting GOOD Tenants

Selecting GOOD Tenants
Even after pre-screening applicants over the phone before showing them the property, we still decline several applicants. The end result: tenants do not need to be evicted each year therefore we are convinced that our system is very efficient. It's worth the time to understand the best methods of finding a great tenant.
(before you let them in your home)
Some of the methods and guidelines we use:
When a potential renter would like to schedule an appointment to see a property, we ask them a few questions before we agree to set up an appointment with them. We want to insure that we are only bringing people who are reasonable applicants into your home.
Some of our pre-qualification questions are:
Do you have any pets?
A lot of properties are no-pet properties. It saves everyone time to address this question right up front.
All interested parties must be present at the showing, is that a problem?
Do you have good rental history?
Any good applicant will be able to answer yes to this question. We never rent to tenants that have been evicted, no exceptions!
Do you have good credit history?
Tenants with good credit will work hard to keep it that way. If YOU would consider making an exception for some kinds of credit blemishes, it's good to address what kind of credit problem(s) they have up front.
If you like the property, how soon would you be willing to move in?
If your property is ready for immediate occupancy and they haven't even given a 30-day notice to vacate their current residence, it's best to resolve this difference now. It is our policy not to hold a property longer than 2 weeks (with the owner’s approval).
How many people would be living in the property?
Are all persons over the age of 18 willing to complete an application?
Do you have verifiable income of at least 3 times the monthly rent?
This question is to help you avoid showing the property to people that cannot afford it.
Are you willing to sign a one-year lease?
Even if you want a month to month agreement, this question helps you smoke out an applicant's true objective with regard to how long they plan to stay in the property. Vacancies are expensive, so it pays to find tenants that will stay in the property for at least a year.
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