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If you are ready to work with Hurst Home Realty & Property Management, here are some of the steps you will need to move forward. We are here to assist you in helping this to be a smooth transition for you and your tenants:
Please call us with any question or concerns you may have at 916-652-8048.
Fill out and return our Management Agreement Forms, which we will e-mail to you in order to protect your security identification.
NOTE: If you need to terminate an existing Property Management Agreement with another property management firm, we can provide you with a sample letter
Provide to us your:
Current lease agreement, walk-through report and application form.
Name and telephone number of the current tenant.
Supply a key to the property.
Hurst Home Realty will do the rest for you!!
A comprehensive ‘Owner’s Packet’
Transfer the gas and electricity into our name in care of you.
Start a gardener (until the new tenant(s) move in), if applicable.
Re-key the existing locks and upgrade deadbolts to the new lock codes, if applicable.
Create a list of any work that needs to be performed in order to prepare the property for re-rent (repairs, hauling, carpet cleaning, etc.).
We will call you and go over the list. With your approval, we will arrange for the work to be performed with our team of trusted independent contractors.
Market the property for rent including:
A very professional For Rent sign
A professional photographic record of your home for marketing on various web pages,
Placement on our website.
Placing your home on Craig’s List every week until rented (a color ad with photos)
Utilize a redistribution service to get your home marketed on relevant rental sites & websites.
Note: Marketing / advertising costs are not included in our re-rent fee.
Show your property to pre-phone-qualified tenants.
Perform as many tenant investigations as needed to find a well qualified tenant and select the best applicant.
Review the applicant and all terms of the lease with you.
Enter into a lease agreement with the tenant on your behalf.
Perform an extensive Move-In Condition Report with the tenant.
Perform an extensive Move-Out Condition Report with the tenant.
Cancel utility services as of the start date of the Lease.
Collect monthly rent and send you a check and an itemized statement each month. (Note: Rents are due on the 1st of every month; Late after the 5th of the month (we wait 2 weeks to make sure all Tenant checks have cleared; We begin payments of bills on the 15th of the month and statements go out to the Owner between the 24th & 30th of each month)…In certain instances we are willing to negotiate.  
Arrange for any needed repairs on an ongoing basis.
Handle tenant relations / negotiations on an ongoing basis.
Send a lease renewal letter to the tenant 60-90 days from the last date of the lease.
Discounts given for multiple units.
Cyndi Hurst, Broker

Cyndi Hurst

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