Screening Guidelines

 Thank you for your interest in one of our properties. Below are our general qualifying guidelines for your review. Please note that if you do not meet all of the criteria below, sometimes it is still possible to qualify. Hurst Home Realty Property Management Services considers all applications and we encourage you to apply.
1.       Your household income should be at least three (3) times the amount of the monthly rent and be verifiable with written documentation such as; (a) Current Pay Stubs (b) Current Tax returns.
2.       A Credit Report will be conducted.
3.       A Rental History & Verification Report will be conducted.
4.       A Background and/or Criminal Report will be conducted.
5.       Each adult should have a credit score of at least 600.
6.       Every occupant over the age of 18 must apply.
7.       Each adult must have a verifiable positive rental history with no excessive late payments and NO evictions. Any recordation of an eviction will immediately eliminate an applicant, absolutely NO exceptions.  An Eviction Report will be conducted.
8.       Applicant(s) must complete and sign any/all Rental Agreements, Addendums, Disclosures, Move-In, Move-Out Inspections, or any other documents deemed necessary by the Management Company or the Owner(s).
9.       Applicants(s) should be willing to sign a one year lease.
10.    Applicant(s) should be able to start paying rent within two weeks of the date their application is approved.
11.    Security Deposits are required in the amount of at least one month’s rent.
12.    Pet policies vary by property. Please call our office at 916-652-8048 and check with our Leasing Agent regarding the pet policy for any particular property.
Note: If permission is granted to allow the tenant to have a pet(s), by the Owner, an increased security deposit will be required.
Hurst Home Realty Property Management Services follows, to the letter, the Fair Housing Laws.
By signing below each Tenant acknowledges they have read, understand and agree to the above;
Tenant: _____________________________________ Date: ________________________________
Tenant: _____________________________________ Date: ________________________________
Tenant: _____________________________________ Date: ________________________________
Tenant: _____________________________________ Date: ________________________________
If you have any questions on concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 916-652-8048.
Thank you for considering one of our properties.
Cyndi Hurst, Broker

Cyndi Hurst

(916) 764-7885

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